IT Support Services

Tech, Menu & IT Consulting for Your Restaurant & Food Brand
Tech Support
Menu Support
IT Consulting
Tech Support

Installing new hardware/ hardware replacements

Fixing/ troubleshooting issues with Toast POS (printers, KDS, kiosks)

Helping troubleshoot offline 3rd party platforms and dispute unpaid orders with the DoorDash, UberEats & GrubHub

Helping onboard the restaurant to newer software platforms & train staff on newer

Helping re-order gift cards

Other tech related tasks within our scope of expertise

Menu Support

Making menu edits and 86ing items on the POS

Activating or deactivating different menus on your Toast POS

Designing menu graphics (digital menus, menu boards, specials menus) including material needed for in-store menu promotions

Making updates to your hours on all channels (website, Google, 3rd Parties, Online ordering etc)

Other menu or 3rd party issues that arise

IT Consulting

Optimizing the tech stack of the restaurant

Project managing transitions in technology and IT projects for the restaurant

Advising the restaurant on best practices and implementing those practices for the restaurant

Helping with menu rebuilds and revamps to optmize the restaurants menu for better inventory management and online ordering abilities

Planning and leading new menu launches

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31% of restaurants update their menu on a monthly basis.

30% increase in restaurants' sales is realized after adding menu photos.

Build Well Optimized Menus that Boost Revenue

Menu optimization has the potential to increase your profit by 12%. We help you build the best menu to showcase your bestselling products by making menu recommendations to optimize ticket spend, ensuring that your menu has the best graphic designs for both in-store dining and takeout, and making menu edits on POS Systems, 3rd party platforms, and online channels.

Unlock the full potential of your restaurant today.

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Why Work With Us?

We help maximize revenue and streamline operations. We provide:

Flexible servicing model for each service partner that allows us fill roles not already filled and enhance the effectiveness of existing talent on your team

Cost effective pricing and servicing models

Knowledgeable and experienced support team with vast experience in restaurant technologies

We’re here to make everything easy for you!

At Pretsl, we have already built processes that can make your operations so much more seamless. Not only do we have processes in place to ensure you’re being efficient & cost-effective with the digital, menu & technical areas of your business, we also carry you along and allow you keep track of our progress status for each project we are working on for your brand using the plethora of technical and digital assets we’ve built into our servicing model.

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